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Episode 57 - Preparing to Leave for the UK
November 15, 2007 09:45 PM PST

Scott and Dominica are just about ready to leave for the UK. This is the final show before they head out to Europe.

Ep 56: Back from Hiatus
November 11, 2007 11:10 PM PST

After a several month long hiatus, the Sheep Guarding Llama podcast is back on the air. Today's podcast is relatively short as I discuss the break between episodes, the missing second day at Disney World, the Newark Renaissance including the new Prudential Center, Apple's iPods and Amazon's new MP3 Download service. I also have a travel announcement that I think our listeners will be excited about. Tune in and find out what is happening next at SGL.

In this episode we play music by:
High Child - I Tell All My Secrets To My Guitar
Ken Campbell - Tune for November
Dust Rhinos - Mari Mac

SGL Ep 55 - Day One in Disney World 2007
May 19, 2007 11:48 AM PDT

Day One of Scott and Dominica in Disney World. Recorded in Room 2433 of the Animal Kingdom Lodge on May 11, 2007. No music, just a Disney World update covering our trip to WDW yesterday and our first day in the park today. Today we only went to EPCOT.

No music in this show.

The home of the SGL Podcast is at SGL Podcast Episode 55 on Sheep Guarding Llama.

SGL Podcast Episode 54 - Dust Rhinos
March 04, 2007 08:18 AM PST

Download the SGL Podcast Episode 54 - MP3

Download the SGL Podcast Episode 54 - Ogg Vorbis

Stream the SGL Podcast Episode 54 from OurMedia

The theme of today's show is Buttkicking Celtic Rock from Winnipeg, Manitoba (that's in Canada.) It is a Celtic drinking song theme. All of today's music is from the Dust Rhinos.

In today's show we talk a little more about the Nintendo Wii, the Sony PS3 and our new PS2! We discuss the weather in the Northeast United States. And we talk about the Creative Zen Vision M and the Creative Zen Vision W as well as the Audacity audio editing software. Oreo got hurt during the making of the show (but not as a result of it) and so the show got spread out over two days. At the current time he is not able to walk on his rear right leg. He is putting on a brave face though.

Today's Music:

Dust Rhinos: Sailing with the Captain, Jedi Drinking Test and New York Girls Live

Lascivious Biddies: MS Walk Announcement

At the time that the podcast was made the podOmatic site was unavailable and we were not able to post it there as well. I will post that version (the MP3 96kb/s version) as soon as the site is working again.

SGL Podcast Episode 53 - Sony PS3 Soon, Channel Frederator, International Listeners and more!
November 16, 2006 08:04 PM PST
In this, the fifty-third Sheep Guarding Llama Podcast I talk about Internet Television shows like Homestar Runner and the Channel Frederator. Dominica and I have been visiting the gym a bit recently. The show is recorded during a tornado warning with some pretty heavy wind outside. And the Sony Playstation 3 is due out tonight at midnight. We are very excited to give shoutouts to our newly discovered listeners in such exotic locales such as China, Sweden, Colorado and Kentucky! Be sure to call our comment hotline and leave a message for us! (206) 984-4582 New music by: Les Bigos - Patra Greg Tannen - Coney Island, Mid July David Ippolito - Tom Cruise Scares Me P.S. Tom Cruise actually does scare me. That guy is creepy.
Ep52 - Wine, Newark, the Gym and Doggie Daycare
November 11, 2006 10:08 AM PST
In the latest installment I talk about more life in Newark, our new healthclub and working out, studying wine and Oreo's doggie daycare. New music includes: Aaron - All Fall Down Lee Coulter - Dance of the Traveling Lovers featuring Evan Bethany Kelly Brock - Maybe I'm in Love
Ep51 - Newark and the Nintedo DS Lite
November 09, 2006 07:14 PM PST

After moving from North Brunswick, New Jersey to the big town of Newark the show is back on the air. Scott does his very first podcast from the new digs at 1180 Raymond in downtown Newark. It has been a while since the last podcast and I am a bit rusty but I am very happy to be back on the air and doing the show again. It is time to start pressing on towards episode 100!

In this episode I take the opportunity to tell you about Newark and how awesome it is to be living in such a great city. I know that no one will believe me but Newark is truly a cool city worthy of some attention. I also get a chance to talk about the Nintendo DS Lite that Dominica and I have recently discovered and are very excited about.

Great new music in this episode:

Hot by Lockdown
Stronger by Heather Sullivan
It's You by Greg Tannan

Ep 50 - Amtrak and Children with Media
July 25, 2006 10:07 PM PDT
We have made it to episode fifty! Scott is stuck doing the show solo tonight. He talks about the show, traveling on Amtrak through New York and raising children in today's media crazy world. Listen and celebrate our semi-centennial show with us. In this episode you can listen to: Hungry Lucy - Rainfall Dropkick - Dog and Cat Heather Sullivan - Somewhere There Lies the Moon Music brought to you by the Podsafe Music Network. The SGL Podcast is recorded using Audacity.
Ep49 - New Car and House Hunting
July 16, 2006 09:35 PM PDT
The New Jersey lifestyle is starting to kick in and Scott and Dominica have a new car and have been out looking for a place to call home here in the Garden State. We are almost up to episode fifty and looking forward to making the semi-centenial show. A pretty big milestone for an occassional podcast. Check out the high quality audio version at Sheep Guarding Llama The weather is hot and so is the music. In this episode you can listen to: Beat Assassins - Goin Crazy Amy Courts - Company Katy Pfaffl - Beautiful As always the Sheep Guarding Llama Podcast is dual posted on www.sheepguardingllama.com and sheepguardingllama.podomatic.com. Often podOmatic is posted first but the SGL main site has the higher quality edition as well as the awesome Ogg Vorbis version. If you use Windows just download Zinf to listen to the Ogg Vorbis version.
Ep48 - Why We Should Move Closer to Manhattan
June 24, 2006 12:04 AM PDT
On tonight's show, record early on Saturday morning, Scott discusses the reasons to move closer to Manhattan. It isn't the most exciting show but there is some good music, it isn't too long and it gets everyone, more or less, caught up with what is going on down in New Jersey. At least at the moment. Thanks to everyone who tuned in yesterday, the site statistics shot up like crazy after the new show was posted. Apparently a lot of people were ready to listen to the new show when it came out. Maybe we can convince Dominica to join us for the upcoming fiftieth episode! Delphinium Blue - Boy Seventeen Radney Foster - Half of My Mistakes

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